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Abstracts and National Conferences

Anthony C, Gifford E, Kaji AH, de Virgilio C, Kim DY, Plurad DS.  Unrecognized micro-vascular disease predicts wound complications in below knee amputations.

  • Abstract accepted for podium presentation for 2014 Southern California Vascular Surgical Society

Christy Anthony, MD; Jack Diep, MD; Vanny Le, MD; Antonios Mammis, MD. Combined Occipital and Trigeminal Field Stimulation for the Treatment of Trigeminal Neuropathic Pain: Case Report with Long-term Follow-up. 

  • Presented at the North American Neuromodulation Society (NANS) Conference Jan 2017.

Christy Anthony, MD; Bob Horvath, PhD, MBA; Antonio Gonzalez, MD. Assessment and comparison of the slippage and unintentional opening of epidural catheters and their connectors.

  • Accepted and presented at the April 2017 ASRA Spring meeting as a Moderated Session.

Christy Anthony, MD; Kadria Derrick, MD; Jeremy Dominik, MD. Maintaining Spontaneous Ventilation in a Chronically Ill Patient Undergoing Transoral Resection of Endotracheal Mass: Anesthetic and Airway Considerations.

  • Abstract Presented at the 2017 ASA Annual Meeting

Christy Anthony, MD; David Chen, MD; Jean Daniel Eloy MD. Thoracic Epidural Placement for Palliative Measures in a Patient Taking Rivaroxaban: A Case Report and Discussion.

  • Accepted and presented at the November 2017 ASRA Chronic Pain meeting as a Moderated Session.

Mina Gaballa, DO; Christy Anthony, MD; Jean Daniel Eloy MD. Palliative Placement of Both Neuraxial and Peripheral nerve Blocks in Anticoagulated Patients: A Case Series

  • Accepted to the April 2019 ASRA Acute Pain Medicine meeting

Christy Anthony, MD; Irene Wu, MD. Intractable Iatrogenic Pelvic Pain: Is Peripheral Entrapment Neuropathy an indication Spinal Cord Stimulation?

  • Accepted and presented at the November 2019 ASRA Chronic Pain meeting as Moderated Session.
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